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Too much heated opinion and not enough facts for me. That’s okay if the writer has an established track record but a quick look at Carlo Dade’s Twitter feed reveals retweets of Climate silliness from Rachel Notley and the usual mindless anti-Trump sludge.

Men generally do not mind a woman who can be ‘one of the guys’, per se, but not at the cost of her femininity. It is a complete turnoff to hear a women swear excessively, drink beers from a can, smoke cigarettes and be openly vulgar, violent or over sexual. This is not Sons of Anarchy and most men don’t want ‘old ladies’. Okay, they get our jokes and are not offended by our crude male behaviors, but the key word is male . Women should act feminine, not masculine. Straight men are not interested in dating or having sex with other men. We like women because they are just that, women. Women should be fairly soft spoken, polite, and carry themselves with at least a certain degree of modesty and mystery.  Dare I call it class .

Airhead - Scrap HappyAirhead - Scrap HappyAirhead - Scrap HappyAirhead - Scrap Happy