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Ethnological collections
Specimens of the bamboo strike-a-light can be found in several ethnological museums around the world. With their accompanying data, and the information from travelogues and other accounts, a fairly comprehensive distribution for the bamboo strike-a-light method of fire starting can be made (Figure 2).

Every winter the people of Mawsynram spend months preparing for the wet season ahead, anticipating nonstop rain and no sunshine for several days at a time.

“I started the lame engine ahead. `It must be this miserable trader-this intruder,’ exclaimed the manager, looking back malevolently at the place we had left. `He must be English,’ I said. `It will not save him from getting into trouble if he is not careful,’ muttered the manager darkly. I observed with assumed innocence that no man was safe from trouble in this world.

A lot happened in Iowa's win over the Eagles of Boston College at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night, including Kirk Ferentz recording a...

how can they leave in the 1645 hrs bus when the current time is 1700 hrs?
No time machine is available, remember.

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Headman - Catch MeHeadman - Catch MeHeadman - Catch MeHeadman - Catch Me