Various - crash tops vol. xviii

In the first stage of thunderstorm development, an updraft drives warm air up beyond condensation levels, where clouds form, and where continued upward movement produces cumulus formations. The updraft develops in a region of gently converging surface winds in which the atmospheric pressure is slightly lower than in surrounding areas. As the updraft continues, air flows in through the cloud's sides in a process called entrainment, mixing with and feeding the updraft. The updraft may be further augmented by a chimney effect produced by winds at high altitude.

And  King Arthur   is falling to the ground with $ for the weekend, after a $ Saturday that’s +4% over its Friday. As we assessed on late, late Friday night, the movie is a casualty from  a previous administration at Warner Bros., and the cinematic ego of Guy Ritchie . If there’s any good news for Warner Bros. after a string of low-budget bombs, as well as this one year to date, the studio is actually +3% at the domestic . for the period of Jan. 1- May 14 vs. same frame a year ago with $ thanks to  Lego Batman  and  Kong: Skull Island  repping 70% of their ticket sales.

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